Agency with SEO and Facebook Marketing in Hong Kong

What is the relationship between SEO and Facebook marketing? SEO is about ranking your website high in search engines with a lot of SEO techniques while Facebook marketing focus on the maintenance of your Facebook account and profiles to improve the engagement of your brand with your potential customers. With the help of SEO, you can increase your brand online visibility and capture the target customers with better potential. For Facebook, with good content and ads, you can exposure your brand to a large amount of audience that increase the popularity of your brand name. With the characteristic of SEO and Facebook marketing, you shall consider both channels to maximize the effect. 

Considering the above, if you have some budget and little time, you can choose an agency providing SEO and Facebook marketing in Hong Kong to serve you. There are a certain amount of agency providing one-stop digital marketing services including SEO and Facebook marketing in Hong Kong. New iMedia is one of the above with more than 14 years of experience in providing integrated digital marketing solutions in Hong Kong.  Their SEO team provides one-stop SEO services including onsite and offsite optimization, target to increase clients’ website ranking and traffic. With  the continuous monitor and optimization, they outperform their client’s business goals. Besides being an SEO agency, they are also a Facebook marketing agency in Hong Kong. With the in-house content team, their services range from idea generation, content creation to ad launch in order to keep track on clients’ Facebook platform. 

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