The Work of an Event Planner

An event planner that excels at planning and executing ceremonies, community events, trade shows, etc. is highly-demanded in many HK companies because a good event management brings about enhanced brand awareness and reputation. The work of an HK event planner entails multi-tasking several tasks, facing tight deadlines, and orchestrating meaningful activities, with the goal to promote the company’s brand, product or service to the general public. A perfect PR event planning can be time-consuming but is worth it if you can expand your network of potential customers and increase your visibility in the media. Many HK organizations hire a PR event planner during the early stages of planning so that the value of their PR events is maximized through strategic PR campaigns. Check out MemoPlus if you’re also trying to organize a perfect event and need some help from a trusty PR event planner!

A perfect PR event is about creating a good impression. An event planner takes into account client’s budget and selects the best venue that is both presentable and practical. He/ she then charts out the venue layout in advance to assign designated spaces for staffs, the press, and general attendees. To organize the perfect event for clients, an event planner has to reach out to not only HK press to cover the event, but also key community members to generate ticket sales, secure sponsors and drive public awareness.

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