Tips for Making the Most of your Blog

How do you literally “make the most” of your blog article?

  1. Get SEO right. It’s important to have great content that’s engaging, but it’s also important to make sure you’re doing all of the SEO necessary to help your blog article get found in search engines. Include keywords and phrases in your titles, and try to include them throughout the copy of your blog article.
  2. Be social. If you want to be successful, you have to be social. Use a social media service like Twitter and Facebook to share your blog article or link to them from your other social media profiles.
  3. Use images, graphics, and other visuals. Make sure your images are clear and appealing. A poorly-designed blog can easily discourage readers.
  4. Create a blog that’s easy to navigate. Include your blog’s navigation bar at the top or bottom of each page. Make sure you include your contact info, including your blog address and email.
  5. Consider creating a series of blog posts. A series of blog posts can be helpful if you want to create a topic that’s more than just one blog article. For example, you could write a series about a book you’re reading.
  6. Posting content frequently is a great way to grow a blog. Make sure you add value to the posts you publish by adding your expertise and sharing links to additional resources where readers can learn more.

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