CorVino Hong Kong Wine Course is Ready for New Talents

April is a great time to start a Hong Kong Wine Course! CorVino, one of the top wine schools in the region is inviting people passionate about wines to become more than just beverage lovers; with the help of professional educators, they can become experts!

WSET is the Hong Kong Wine Course with most attendants. At CorVino, members can obtain qualifications in Wines and Sakes; three levels each. WSET certificate is accepted worldwide so it is an amazing addition to people that are aiming to succeed in the wine industry. Many respected professionals in the field started their education at CorVino; this school is proud of all their achievements and looks forward to new generations of successful wine experts.

The first level of WSET teaches the attendees how to explore the world of wine through taste, sight, and smell. It also shows them how to pair foods with wines. After passing the first level, the wine never tastes the same to CorVino’s members, it tastes incomparably better.

The second and third levels of the Hong Kong Wine Course WSET develop the obtained skills of attendees and introduce the wine industry in depth. Participants learn about different types of grapes, their origins, wine-making procedures, as well as prices around the world. With all the skills and knowledge obtained at CorVino, members are ready for new challenges! They can use the certifications in their favor anywhere in the world. Wine companies are in constant search of talented experts; with CorVino qualifications, business opportunities are endless!  

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