Community Marketing Webinar Platform in HK

Now is an innovative community marketing webinar platform that gained great popularity and attention in Hong Kong in the past years. The need for a quality online community software platform has been greater than ever in recent years. Thus, different types of institutions and communities looked for safe software that will offer them solutions to all their communication problems. People needed a platform that will provide useful tools for effective online management and UC. NOW was a rare software that had it all!

When educational institutions started using this community marketing webinar platform during the COVID-19 quarantine, the communicational barriers were reduced to a minimum. Finally, internet users were able to have an operational online community software platform and they did not have to stop their businesses from functioning properly. Instead, educators could easily engage with students online and maintain a high level of communication.

Now is a community marketing webinar platform with multiple purposes. Firstly, community leaders and educators can use it to create channels with small or large groups and use the software for video or voice communication. Secondly, administrators of the channels can utilize the online community software platform to share files and upload reading materials for members that are not able to attend meetings at set times. UC. Now is an ideal workplace for companies, an amazing classroom for students, great software for recruitment companies, and an outstanding partner for everyone that needs to communicate online. This platform gained recognition across Hong Kong and is aiming to grow its influence around the world as well!

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