Limited Partnership Funds and Cayman Fund Investment FAQs

Are you interested in Limited Partnership Funds (LPF)? Below are the common questions people asked about Limited Partnership Funds and the answers to them.

First, “Do Limited Partnership Funds have legal personality?” No, they do not. Second, “Is the LPF regime an opt-in registration scheme?” Yes, the registration is not compulsory. Third “Which party administers the LPF regime?” The Companies Registry is responsible. Fourth, “What makes a fund eligible to be registered as an LPF?” There are some eligibility requirements. To name a few, the fund has at least one limited partner and one general partner; the fund has an office in HK, not all partners in the fund are corporations in the same group of companies, etc.

The following are some FAQs and answers about another great business opportunity – Cayman Fund Investment. Here comes the first question about Cayman Fund Investment – “When might Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) reject an application?” When there is incomplete or inconsistent submission, and when the sponsor is part of an ongoing criminal investigation. Second, “Do the public know what private funds are registered with CIMA? Yes, there is a publicly searchable database for that. I hope you learn more about LPF and Cayman Fund Investment after today.

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