Limited Partnership Funds Giving More Freedom of Contract

Limited Partnership Funds HK is a framework of private fund management that the Hong Kong Government introduced on 31st August 2020. It is a modernized version of the previous regime called the Limited Partnership Ordinance. LPF enables investors to register eligible private funds as limited partnerships. That way, investors protect their benefits and manage the investments more efficiently.

Limited Partnership Funds HK provides more freedom of contract to business partners compared to other similar frameworks. This program does not require minimum capital and the investment restrictions are absent. To become a part of the Limited Partnership Funds HK framework, investors must have an office in Hong Kong to ensure the fund communications; at least one of the Limited Partners needs to have limited liability; at least one General Partner must have unlimited liability. For the full list of requirements, clients are highly advised to hire a consultancy company. In Hong Kong, one of the reputable consultancy agencies with outstanding reviews is the CityLinkers Group.

CityLinkers Group does not only assist with the Limited Partnership Funds HK. Another highly-demanded service is the Cayman Fund Investment.

Investors that are looking for a tax-favorable regime will find numerous benefits in the Cayman Fund Investment. Businesspeople across the globe are familiar with the convenient financial programs and possibilities at the Cayman Islands; investors from Hong Kong are not an exception.

CityLinkers HK guides clients through the entire Cayman Fund Investment; from application to the formation and structuring. Investors can request a consultation and learn about the entire process and its enormous business potential. If they decide to proceed with the Cayman Fund Investment, the CityLinkers experts will provide full support and guidance with all the paperwork and plan creation.

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