Powerful Webinar Platform Makes Virtual Staff Recruitment Easy and Simple

The COVID-19 quarantine made the world pay more attention to the importance of online platforms. When companies needed an effective Employee Training Scheduling Solution the most, UC. Now stepped in and made an enormous difference.

UC. Now is a Webinar Platform that covers numerous areas revolving around online meetings and courses. One of the main purposes of UC. The Goal is to provide a stable, professional virtual space to staff recruitment and enable easy interviewing and hiring processes. To make that possible, UC. Now created an online workspace that offers more than just a channel that allows people to talk on camera.

The Job Centre at the Webinar Platform offers all-inclusive filters that enable job seekers to browse through job vacancies comfortably. They can apply to the positions that suit their capabilities without leaving the software.

The Employee Training Scheduling Solution has advanced features for employers as well. They do not have to exit the Webinar Platform to review the job applications. Instead, they can do it all on UC. Now. Also, interviewing candidates for open job positions is extremely easy. The Employee Training Scheduling Solution gives the recruiter up to three slot options; they can enter the names of the candidates and the program will automatically schedule the interviews. UC. Now will also inform the job candidates about the times of the meetings and send them reminders accordingly.

Job applicants can upload documents to the platform and share files with the employers. Thus, the recruiters can consider all the qualifications instantly and make decisions quickly.


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