Mental Health Support HK Positively Affects Young People

KELY Support Group provides Teenage Harm Reduction programs in Hong Kong that are highly beneficial for educational institutions. A team of specialists created outstanding connections with communities in the region and started to influence young people positively. With engaging workshops, KELY affects the youth and helps prosperous students avoid harmful habits and think progressively.

Mental Health Support HK educates young people on harmful substances and assists them in mental struggles. Drug and alcohol abuse can easily happen to young generations. If students are not observed and educated promptly, the consequences of harmful substances can be disastrous. With Teenage Harm Reduction programs, the risk of substance abuse decreases, while participants learn how to manage their emotions efficiently.

KELY has been operating across Hong Kong since 1991. The primary goal of this support group has always been to provide effective Mental Health Support HK to young people. Considering the prestigious connections and availability of KELY’s programs in regional institutions, it is safe to say that this organization has done an amazing job and fulfilled its mission. However, that is not enough for KELY. An ambitious team aims to continue educating youth. With powerful services, this team helps young people prosper, while also impacting Hong Kong in the long term.

Educators can contact KELY and discuss the Mental Health Support HK easily. They can arrange the Teenage Harm Reduction workshops and start collaborating with the KELY Support Group immediately. Programs are easily adjustable; clients only need to express their concerns, requirements, and suggestions and KELY professionals will create suitable plans for their communities.

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