Become More Than a Wine Enthusiast with WSET Hong Kong

Do you want to learn more about wines? WSET Hong Kong is the course for beginners, as well as people with basic and advanced knowledge in the wine industry! Based on your level, you can attend some of the programs that will change your ways of seeing, understanding, and tasting wines. CorVino, a reputable wine school in Hong Kong offers a range of educational practices that can make you an expert in the wine field.

WSET Hong Kong is one of the most popular courses at CorVino. It consists of three levels in Wines and three levels in Sake. You can choose the course you prefer or let professionals decide which one is suitable for you. At the consultation, share your knowledge and expectations with the educator. If you don’t know much about wine but you just love how it tastes, that is a good beginning. Passion is the key to success. If you are passionate about wines, you will learn quickly!

The first level of the WSET Hong Kong focuses on exploring the main types and styles of wine through taste, smell, and sight. You will learn how to tell the difference between wines and also describe them accurately. In addition, specialists will teach you how to effectively pair wines with food.

After passing Level 1 of WSET Hong Kong, you will have the basic knowledge and skills that will help you enjoy and understand wines more. If you are interested in levelling up, you can start the second course that will equip you with additional techniques and open new career opportunities in the wine field.

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