Spend a Candlelit Night

There is nothing better than spending a candlelit night watching Netflix and eating pizza. Before filling my home with warm candlelight and delicate aromas, I spent a lot of time doing research on the kind of calming candles I want to buy. I love getting my calming candles and home fragrances from international brands. Apotheke, Astier De Villatte, Mad Et Len, Waks, BeCandle, Brooklyn Candle Studio, Haeckels are some good brands worth exploring. Sometimes I mix calming candles with reed diffusers to create several layers for the scent.  

My go-to place for getting calming candles and home fragrances is kapok. Besides having the best selection from international brands, it features amazing Hong Kong brands. I love how I can explore emerging Hong Kong brands and support homegrown creatives just by visiting the shop. If you are interested in buying calming candles and home fragrances for your home, do visit kapok someday. Kapok has six brick-and-mortar stores in Hong Kong but each store has its own personality and product selection. So, it is better to do some research before visiting the shop. Or, you can go to their e-shop and shop in the comfort of your home. Have fun picking out your signature home scent! 

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